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Sweet Sips Antenatal Milk Expression​ Kits!

Learning to hand express colostrum before your baby is born increases your breastfeeding confidence and also provides nutrient and antibody rich colostrum for your newborn if a little extra is needed in the early hours and days.

Check out our video page to view antenatal milk expression!

Colostrum - Rich in immunities, just the right amount, thick enough for the newborn who is just learning to coordinate the suck-swallow-breathe sequence, warm & sweet, the perfect package of goodness for the brand new baby!

So every baby shou​ld get colostrum, right? But maybe you've heard or thought things like this:

  • "There's no milk yet."

  • "The baby is so sleepy he won't latch"

  • "The baby is so small (or big) - she needs more than just colostrum."​

  • "I pumped and got nothing!"

Now there's an option - hand expressing to a colostrum spoon.  Hand expression is a simple and convenient way to collect colostrum during the last weeks of pregnancy and in the first days following birth. Expressing milk by hand improves mother's confidence, stimulates milk supply, and helps to ensure that baby gets the nutrients and antibodies which provide important health benefits.   By using an appropriate-sized spoon, cup or syringe, you will  easily capture this precious milk without losing a drop!


Sweet Sips Colostrum Spoons are biodegradable and compostable!  This plant based spoon has an earth-friendly focus in mind.  The spoons require less energy to produce, and degrade quickly.  The plant based polymers used to make our spoons are FDA approved, GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and are 

BPA free and safe for food contact.  

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