Sweet Sips Colostrum Spoons

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Colostrum - Rich in immunities, just the right amount, thick enough for the newborn who is just learning to coordinate the suck-swallow-breathe sequence, warm & sweet, the perfect package of goodness for the brand new baby.

So every baby should get colostrum, right?  But maybe you've heard things like this:

  • "I have no milk yet."
  • "The baby can't latch - I'll need to give formula"
  • "My baby is so small - she needs more than just colostrum."
  • "My baby is so big - I don't have enough for him."
  • "I pumped and I got nothing - my baby must not be getting anything."
  • "She's so sleepy - I can't get her to wake up and breastfeed."

Now you can offer an option - hand expressing to a colostrum spoon shows mom that she does have milk!  By teaching mom to hand express into a colostrum spoon, you are teaching her that colostrum IS important, and that it DOES matter to her baby.  When she sees that colostrum is important to YOU - it is becomes important to her.  And by using the appropriate-sized spoon, mom can see that even a few drops of this precious milk can mean a lot to her baby in the early days of life.