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"LOVE the colostrum spoons. Just a few drops in the spoon looks like a large amount and the moms feel so good when the baby gets their milk."


Lactation Consultant

I was cruising the internet looking for attractive IBCLC lanyards (not easy to find, btw) and came across the Sweet Sips Colostrum Spoons site (where, btw, the lanyards look really great). As I began ordering, I hit a snafu and jotted off a quick note to the site about it, frankly saddened I’d finally found a nice one but thought I’d need to give up on it. Yet, I got an answer the very next morning - the owner was happy to help me solve my issue. The customer service is top-notch and plus, her other LC tools look really great! I would definitely give this site an A+!!! (Plus it’s run by another IBCLC too, also a really good thing to show support for!!!)

- Dottie Fisher, RN, IBCLC

        Dottie - Thank you for bringing to our attention that the shipping charges for the lanyards were being miscalculated on our site. This has been corrected. Enjoy your lanyards! 

"I love to teach mom's to hand express. Their eyes light up when they realize they actually have milk. And when they can collect a few drops into the colostrum spoon, they can give it to their baby - so they don't feel like the baby is getting nothing."


RN, Maternity

"I live for these! Best invention ever!"


Lactation Consultant

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